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Best flooring material for a good residential interior design

By Aarti Kulkarni @interiordecoartors
    2021-07-06 07:12:53.879Z

    Many people ask this question- why hire a professional interior designer for decorating one’s house, as it can be designed using a little imagination, aesthetic sense, and online research. Many people choose to design their houses all by themselves. However, if you compare those houses with the ones that have undergone professional design, you can detect the difference. Professional interior designers take care of every detail of the house, and so, the result brings out synergic excellence.

    Let us take an example. A person without professional knowledge of interior design can select the colour of the walls and the false ceiling pattern. However, can they choose the right flooring for the home?

    The flooring plays a very significant role in defining the appearance of a house. However, it is also the only structure that bears the pressure of people walking on it and furniture standing on it. Besides the appearance, other factors need to be kept in mind while selecting the right flooring. These are examples of why we need a professional interior designer to create a holistic residential interior design.

    In the last few years, people have started paying a lot of attention to the flooring material. Every material commonly used for flooring today has its pros and cons. Usually, the best interior designers in india try to understand the client's needs and suggest the flooring material that would serve their wants for a considerable period. The most popular materials used for flooring in any good residential interior design are as follows:

    1.Vitrified tiles
    Vitrified tiles cost a little more than ceramic tiles, but they provide a sophisticated look to the residential interior design. The best part is that vitrified tiles come in a wide variety of colours and patterns, so you can play mix and match with the designs to give your house a quirky look.

    Vinyl is an ideal alternative for flooring material if you want your house to stay warm. People who have toddlers and pets tend to prefer vinyl as the flooring material as babies and pets love such floors.

    Hardwood is gradually taking over as a prominent flooring material in houses. A little expensive than other materials, hardwood looks as brilliant as the floor. However, if you opt for hardwood, you must pay special attention to the flooring work quality as the material needs to be protected from humidity and temperature variation.

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