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Ideas of residential interior design services in mumbai

By Shreya Kakkar @shreyakakkar
    2021-03-25 11:17:26.325Z

    Who does not want their houses to look chic and stylish? This desire makes many hire residential interior designers. People then ask them to implement all the trendy designs of the time in their house. However, the key to making one’s home look stylish does not lie in the trendiness but the design. So, a person needs to sit down with the interior designer and discuss what can be done to provide a house with a personality of its own instead of going with the market trend.

    Good interior designers always provide clients with the opportunity to chalk out a roadmap for their house’s new design and tries to juxtapose their technical knowledge over that idea. Not everyone can come up with ideas to make their home look stylish. In that scenario, they can share their vision of the final result with the interior designer. It would then be the job of the designer to decipher the ideas from it.

    In recent times, the residential designing style has become more about luxury. Most clients want their house to look luxurious, which would provide them with a warm and proud feeling whenever they enter it. If you, too, want your home to look luxurious, you can follow a few time-tested tricks of interior designing. Here are a few tricks which can make your house look incredible.

    Increased use of mirrors
    The function of mirrors is to create reflection, but it also creates an illusion of space. Spaciousness is considered the epitome of interior design luxury. By placing mirrors at perfect angles, you can make your house look visually bigger.

    Small quirky designs
    The use of quirky designs attracts the attention of people. It also makes them appreciate the brilliance of your creative mind. Now, in this regard, quirkiness must be limited to small things only. For example, you can use tree branch shaped rods for your curtains and use a belt to tie them in the middle. Residential interior design services can come up with more such ideas. However, you must not make quirkiness overpower the design.

    Add a frame for your television
    The television is an indispensable part of the living room. Since modern televisions are quite sleek in design, you can try to spice it up a little by adding a frame around your television.

    Use dark colours for ceilings
    Another design idea that home decor services insist on implementing is to provide a luxurious look through dark-coloured ceilings, which provide immense depth to the room.

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